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Whitmire Pro-Control Plus? Total Release Aerosol Insecticide

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Pro-Control Plus? Total Release Aerosol Insecticide is a ready-to-use, ultra-low-volume insecticide fogger that controls a wide variety of insects. Labeled for use in apartments, basements, non-food areas of commercial building, houses, office buildings, sheds or storage areas. Apply on bedding plants, cut flowers, flowering hanging baskets, foliage, potted flowering plants and ornamentals. Pro-Control Plus? controls thrips, whiteflies, scale, aphids, spiders, ants and more. See label for additional insects controlled. One 6 oz. can treats up to 5,000 cu ft of unobstructed space (25 ft x 25 ft x 8 ft). Test or spot spray plants before activating a total release is recommended. Registered in all states.

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