Ideal-Air Universal Wall Bracket (Mini-Split, Dehumidifier, and Water Chillers)


Ideal-Air? Universal Wall Bracket

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These universal wall brackets are used for supporting mini-split condensing units, dehumidifiers, water chillers and much more. This wall mount bracket features a cross bar that is attached to a wall and two L-shaped brackets that are hooked on the cross bar (wall mounting hardware is not provided). The A/C condensing unit is secured onto the L-shaped brackets and fastened using the bolts and anti-vibration washers that are provided. Dehumidifiers and water chillers must be secured by user-provided straps. The load maximum limit for the L-shaped brackets is 300 lbs per pair.

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Weight 11.3 lbs
Dimensions 30.3 × 8.3 × 3.5 in


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