Mushroom Cropbox


Mushroom Cropbox

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Woodland Valley Mushrooms based out of Aiken County, South Carolina! Woodland Valley Mushrooms is a shipping container based growing operation that specializes in mushrooms. This partnership will re-define how Cropbox containers can meet increasing consumer demand for local, fresh mushrooms. With this union, we have created a new multi-crop container farm that consists of our proven hydroponic plant farm systems as well as the exciting new addition of mushroom growing systems.

This adaptable farming unit is customizable to the user’s specific and unique goals to get the most from their agricultural operation. This unit is ideal for those that are new to farming and would want to provide diverse, fresh food for their community. This container is also suitable for the experienced farmer who wants to extend their growing season and capture new revenue streams. It can also be great for those who have space limitations but are ready to take their mushroom operation to the next level. Some of the benefits with this partnership and system are:

  • Ability to add a revenue stream and create value for your farm
  • Get access to a proven system to overcome steep learning curves
  • Manage an adaptable farming system
  • Impact the local food movement
  • Allow mushroom farming to be easy and profitable
  • Work 10-20 hours per week
  • Potential to earn $100 per hour

According to the USDA statistics, specialty mushrooms sales in the USA grew over 225% from 2010 to 2017, averaging over $100 million. To capture this fast, growing market and add a new proven system to your farm, contact us today.

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